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Take This Test…You May Need Glasses (of water)

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Water is the most abundant component of a healthy human body however the risk of dehydration and fluid imbalance increases over time. One of the most fascinating observations regarding hydration has to do with age. We are all familiar with the mythical quest in search of the fountain of youth, but I propose the source and secret to eternal youth is actually held within each one of us on the cellular level. The objective is to hold on to as much of the rejuvenating powers of water as possible through lifestyle management.

Consider this, a premature baby can consists of as much as 90% water, a full term newborn is 75% water, by the end of the first year of life infants drop to approximately 65%. Healthy adult males average around 60% water and females approximately 55% due to higher body fat percentages. Elderly and obese individuals can fall to 45% total body water or lower.

In general athletes tend to skew higher percentages of total body water since muscles contain more water than fat. Therefore, I advocate the secret to youthful vigor and a healthier life is to minimize the amount of excess fat and maintain or increase muscle mass by regularly lifting weights, drink lots of water complimented with a balanced diet with special focus on minerals.

Simply put a well hydrated body is a younger body complete with plump healthy skin. If the outer most layer of the epidermis is dehydrated the skin will lose elasticity.

Maintaining optimum hydration isof paramount importance to support life functions. Fluids maintain body temperature, cell shape and the transport of nutrients, gases and waste. Unfortunately most underestimate the complexity of true cellular hydration. Thirst and cramping are obvious signs of dehydration however a high percentage of the population exist in a perpetual state of mild dehydration where cells are not fully hydrated or provided with the correct electrolyte replenishment that promote energy production (ATP), muscular contraction, stamina and recovery.

Hydration is constant flux the body gains and loses fluid through several different processes. Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and altitude additionally influence fluid loss. As a result we all experience varying degrees of dehydration daily that we must combat. It begins the moment we open our eyes, on average we lose 1- 1½ liters of water while sleeping (the loss occurs from respiration, perspiration and any impromptu trips to the restroom).

To determine how much fluid loss occurs weigh yourself before you go to sleep and first thing upon waking. You will want to replace what was lost as soon as possible assuming you were properly hydrated before you went to sleep.

The immediate consumption of water helps restore body temperature and blood volume, however water is absorbed relatively slowly, and drinking water initially only adds to extracellular fluid and can be proportionately expelled. The cells require time and nutrients to properly rehydrate by replenishing the solutes that promote intracellular fluid retention.

Fluid in the body is held in two basic compartments: intracellular and extracellular. Fluid inside the cell is called intracellular and as you have likely deduced fluid outside of the cell is called extracellular. Extracellular can be further divided into interstitial fluid that surrounds the cells, including transcellular fluid (cerebrospinal fluid, ocular and joint fluid), and intravascular fluid (plasma), the liquid portion of blood.

Fluids travel by osmosis into and out of the cell, but true cellular hydration (intracellular) is more complicated than just drinking water. Water is transported in and out of the cell aided by electrically charged ions (electrolytes).

Maintaining the balance of electrolytes is important. Two primary protagonists are Sodium and Potassium. A sign of low Potassium levels is skeletal muscle weakness, especially in the legs and is compounded by cramping. Typically we consume ample amounts of Sodium that promotes extracellular water retention so it can be important to consume Potassium rich foods daily to create balance.

Optimum hydration varies in quantity based on gender and total lean muscle mass however the correct distribution of total water volume is 2/3 intracellular and 1/3 extracellular.

To measure hydration I use a five-signal bio-impedance device ( that measures total body water (both intracellular and extracellular), total lean mass, total fat mass, and total bone mass including segmental analysis.

Take away: We gain hydration from foods and beverages we consume, natural hypotonic drinks like coconut water may help restore hydration faster but in the long run the best source of water will always be water along with a balanced diet. So drink ample amounts, if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated.

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The Wonderful… Or Not So Wonderful World of Dr. Oz?

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The Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Radio Show – Saturday October 22nd @ 6:00 pm PST

This weeks show is in response to you the listener, asking questions and commenting about the Dr. Oz Million Dollar You – Transformation Nation sponsored by Weightwatchers™

Is it right for you?

Grant is joined by Weightwatchers™ expert answering your questions and along with grant’s comments what he thinks is right… and where he thinks there is room for improvement in the Dr. Oz / Weightwatchers™ … FAT loss challenge (that was a hint)

Tune in on Saturday @ 6:00 pm PST and listen live on line at:

The Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Radio Show Is Moving To Prime Time…

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Got a Fitness, Nutrition or Lifestyle Question for Grant?

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Tune in Sunday October 9th at 5:00 pm PST to the Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Radio Show on KABC 790 Los Angeles


listen on line or via smart device at

Get answers to any question related to fitness, nutrition or lifestyle from one on Hollywood’s most successful and sought after trainers Grant Roberts.

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Grant’s guest: Dr. Dan Johnston – Medical Director of the U.S. Army Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program at the Pentagon.

Improve Learning / Brain Power In America – The Education Special: This Sunday on the Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Show

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What is the key to increased brain power?

This back to school special program may surprise you. These tricks aren’t just for kids, the science clearly shows the advice works for all students of life. From ages 1 to over 100, we can all benefit from a little more brain power… so tune in.

Education is this topic on this weeks Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Radio Show.

Learning isn’t just for kids… This show was inspired as a commentary and provides science based solution to the national concern regarding issue of improved education following the events of this past week

The Education Nation Summit held in New York City


The Presidents Back to School Speech – Washington DC September 28, 2011

President Obama provides a few words from a previous speech describing the concerns and need for all Americans regardless of age to continue learning.

Grant and his guests provide science based solutions to the education crisis, Grant’s guests include

Paul Zientarski and education specialist and creator of LearningReadinessPE


Harvard Professor Dr. John Ratey and author of ‘Spark’ The Revolutionary New Science of exercise and the Brain.

Tune in this Sunday October2nd  2011 at 5:00 pm PST,  from the KABC studios in Los Angeles or listen  via live streaming internet / or smart phone device or podcast at

The information contained in this show will provide listeners with advice on improving brainpower and the methods to enhance learning, memory and improved brain function regardless of age

If you would like to watch the 15 minute mini documentary featuring inspiring stories from the Teacher, Dr. John Ratey and the students that took participated in the Jog Your Memory program created by Grant Roberts and his foundation Healthy Student Bodies  click the following link to watch: Jog Your Memory Mini-Documentary


FREE Advice From Top Golf Pros & FREE Round Of Golf

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Tune in to tune up your game – The Golf Special Edition on the Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Radio Show.

Listen to the Special Golf edition on KABC 790 Los Angeles Sunday September 25th @ 7:00 pm PST or listen Livestreaming or to the Podcast following the show.

Featuring Grant’s world class golf pro guests:

Laird Small: Pebble Beach Golf Pro & 2003 Teacher of the Year

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Morgan Freeman: This Sunday on the Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Show

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Tune in this Sunday September 18th 2011 at 7:00 pm PST from the KABC studios in Los Angeles or tune in via live streaming internet / or smart phone device or podcast at

Grant Roberts welcomes Academy Award ™ winning actor Morgan Freeman to his Unified Lifestyle Radio Show.

Grant and Morgan appeared in two movies together: Million Dollar Baby and Invictus.


Other features and guests:

A Discussion on genetically modified foods – what you don’t know may hurt you:

Boxing Hall of Fame trainer Angelo Dundee and Matt Baiamonte owners of the historic 5th Street Gym – Miami FL       


Did you miss last weeks show with special guest Clint Eastwood?

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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice… Not Knowing What Is In Your Food May BUG You.

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Ever look at the ingredients list on products like fruit juice, ice cream, candies and yogurt (also cosmetics) and wonder what carmine or cochineal extract is?

It is a dye (food coloring) derived from the female Cochineal Beetle.

Carmine or Cochineal Extract is derived from crushing female cochineal beetles. Approximately one quarter of the insect carcass weight contains the deep red pigment. The bugs are either dried (cochineal extract) or submersed in hot water with ammonia and pulverized (to produce the food additive coloring (carmine).

It takes about 150,000insects to make 1 kilogram (70,000 per 1 pound) of cochineal derived food dye.

Recipe: Grant’s “Omega-God… This is Good!” Healthy Chocolate Orange Parfait

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Parfait, is a French word that means “perfect”… and this dessert lives up to the billing, it is perfect in every way.
Easy to make, ready in 5 minutes Grant’s:

“Omega God This is Good”: Healthy Chocolate Orange Parfait is layered with healthfully fortified yogurt and fruit, it tastes great, is packed with protein, omega 3, antioxidants and health promoting live active cultures.

Try Grant’s healthy dessert, a perfect end to any meal or a meal in itself… A delicious chocolate orange snack, packed with protein and omega 3 any time of the day.


Written by Unified Lifestyle. Posted in Unified News

Mark your calendar Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle radio show will hit the airwaves on September 4th 2011 at 5:00 p.m. PST

International listeners may click the link below to hear the broadcast via live streaming link on the internet and available in podcast at:

Grant Roberts Unified Lifestyle Radio Show KABC Los Angeles


Academy Award Winning Fitness & Lifestyle Advice from ‘Million Dollar Baby’ Trainer, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach: Grant Roberts

Inaugural Guest: Academy Award Winner Clint Eastwood

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