McDonalds and Burger King Discontinue ‘Pink Slime’ Ammonia Treated Beef … You Have A Voice Expelling Pink Slime From Schools!

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Voting with your fork… or ‘spork’ in fast food situations works! It’s a pretty simple rule, when consumers demand change and stop buying products … change happens.

Unfortunately the school lunch program doesn’t play by the same rules – largely because the USDA monopolizes and makes the rules about what the kids eat.  When the USDA Pledge®(s) to provide clean meat … they really mean Pledge® … or at least the ammonium hydroxide ingredient found in household and industrial cleaners.

When word oozed out that pink slime (scraps previously deemed unfit for human consumption doused in ammonia were approved by the USDA) were being served up in most fast food restaurants and schools a public outcry ensued.

Todd Bacon a Senior Director of Quality Systems at McDonalds announced the fast food giants decision to discontinue purchasing the ammonia treated mixture reasoning as:

“ At McDonalds, the quality and safety of the food we serve our customers is a top priority. This decision was a result of our efforts to align our global standards for how we source beef around the world. We are always reviewing and evolving our standards to ensure we continue to serve, high- quality food to our customers”.

I originally wrote the blog: Is USDA Approved Ground Beef… Squeaky Clean? Answer: More Than You Know!  However since that time McDonalds and Burger King has discontinued serving ‘pink slime’ burgers.

Unfortunately ‘pink slime’ is still be served in schools across the country courtesy of the USDA, in spite of the fact their own scientist who coined the term ‘pink slime’ calls the ammonia meat concoction “economic fraud” and “not fresh ground beef”

The American Meat Institute (AMI) President J Patrick Boyle chooses not to call the product ‘pink slime’ but instead refers to the adulterated meat like substance that has been treated with the poison we call ammonia  “ Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings” (BLBT).  Boyle defends the product by saying ” …beef is not wasted” “The trimmings that are used to make BLBT are absolutely edible”

The truth is the trimmings were previously deemed unfit for human consumption without the ammonia. The USDA in clandestine fashion chose NOT to notify the public they were consuming treated with ammonia beef scraps and made no reference to the ammonia on packaging.

If it wasn’t for the ammonia stench coming from the beef delivered to a school their plan might have worked.

The USDA and AMI try as they might argue in the end it is all about money. How much? They save approximately three cents a pound by adding pink slime to fresh ground beef. If you think you and the children of this countries health is worth more than three cents a pound I encourage you to sign the petition here: Tell USDA to STOP using Pink Slime in School Food!

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