The Unified Lifestyle (UL) is a comprehensive seven-day system designed by Grant Roberts, the Academy Award recognized trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle coach among Hollywood elite.

UL is a step-by-step process that will help you create a better and balanced lifestyle focusing on areas of fitness, nutrition, and health. It's called Unified Lifestyle for a reason. It's not a diet style, an exercise style or even a stress or time management style. It's all of the above.

UL will exercise and stimulate your mind as much as your physical body. It provides all of the tools to manage energy, enhance mental focus and cognitive capacity, while improving physical performance and overall health.

UL is a program that will allow anyone to become an everyday athlete; possess the strength, agility, endurance and intellectual skills to perform in a competitive context, and every day life.

UL has 10 essential elements. By adhering to these principles UL and Grant Roberts promise to educate, motivate and create a healthy new invigorating lifestyle designed specifically for you regardless of your present condition, age, gender or athletic ability. The program will show you how to make lifelong improvements to your appearance, strength, confidence and overall fitness level.

You won't be spending countless hours in the gym because your workouts will be efficient and concise. You certainly won't starve yourself or give up foods you enjoy. In fact, two days of every week you are encouraged to enjoy any foods you like in moderation. It's all part of the plan!

What more valuable investment do you have than yourself? Have you got something more important to tend to in your life other than your own life?