Revolutionary “New” Nutrition Facts Label… For Your Consideration

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On June 6, 2011 I wrote a blog informing readers about a challenge initiated by UC Berkeley to create and submit a “new” Nutrition Facts label -since thankfully the old one is finally up for renewal.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to submit my own “new” Nutrition Facts label… below is a link to the detailed version of my entry.

Water…You Doing This Summer?

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Summertime is often synonymous with swim-time – from backyard or community pools to lakes or the open ocean. Swimming is not only great fun… it’s great exercise.

The fact is, to enjoy the healthful benefits of water based exercise… you don’t even have to be able to swim.

Working out in shallow water can provide a unique variation from working out against the usual earthly forces.  Water provides resistance in both directions of movement unlike the conventional positive and negative resistance of gravity when lifting weights for traditional resistance on dry land.

Cardio and Fat Burning… O, that’s how it works

Written by Grant Roberts. Posted in Health News

Many misconceptions exist over what method of cardiovascular training provides the most efficient and effective results for fat oxidation (energy consumed or extracted from fuel) or the more commonly referred term: fat burning.

Likely the greatest ongoing delusion is that cardio is the best method to burn fat, followed by erroneous belief that the faster you run the more fat you burn… wrong and wrong.

Before we get started, I feel it is important to point out that this article was created specifically to address the best methods of cardiovascular training for the purpose of burning fat, not improving athletic performance, endurance or oxygen utilization.


How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Smoke?

Written by Grant Roberts. Posted in Health News

Seriously… how stupid do you have to be to smoke?


Apparently the FDA believes so much so, they have decided to draw you a picture.


The FDA has announced that effective September 2012, tobacco products will require prominent warnings on all packaging and advertisements in the US. The warnings mark the first change in more than 25 years that begs the more important question why are tobacco products allowed to be sold in the first place?

MOOmmy… I’m Thirsty!

Written by Grant Roberts. Posted in Health News

I’ve always said cow’s milk is great… if you are a cow.

Likewise, mothers milk is the perfect food for human babies.

It is just unnatural and problematic to drink milk from another species.

Some enterprising Chinese scientists seem to agree?

As a result you may soon have one more choice in the dairy case:

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