Win $2,000.00 For Losing Less Than 10 Pounds?

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Yes, you are reading the title correctly; I just paid two thousand dollars in prizes for a ten-week body composition challenge where the winners lost less than ten pounds collectively. Yes, that’s right the prize money was split between two people, a male and a female who lost less than ten pounds between both of them collectively.

Does that sound absurd? At the end of ten weeks of dieting, exercise and lifestyle management the scale proved that the male champion lost a total of 8.1 pounds and the female winner lost a meager 1.1 pounds. If you are thinking those results don’t sound very impressive then you will be even further dismayed to discover that this was the third annual body composition challenge I have hosted with entrants measured in the hundreds… and this year represented the best results ever.

In fact I was so impressed I will soon be launching the competition internationally.   

Sound like easy money? If you wish you had entered the contest or think I must be a complete idiot for paying approximately $222.00 per pound lost in prize money… I should warn you, the Grant Roberts – New U Body Composition Challenge (powered by Unified Lifestyle) is was not a “weight-loss” challenge, it is a body composition challenge.

Anyone who reads my blogs or follows my missions knows I hate the term weight-loss even more than the disdain I have for the body mass index (BMI) as a gauge of obesity. The only permanent and proven method of “weight-loss” is best characterized by an unfortunate chainsaw accident. The truth is how much a person weighs is largely irrelevant…what matters is a person’s body composition.

Furthermore, shows like the Biggest Loser instill a ridiculous fixation on the scale and “weight” lost through over exercising and starvation is almost always water and muscle – not excess fat. Instead the New U Body Challenge focuses on improving body composition, and that can be done by either losing excess fat, gaining lean muscle mass or both.

The winners of this challenge are absolutely shining examples of body composition success. If this challenge had been judged by a scale or on network television the results on paper at least would have been considered pathetic. Let’s take a closer look at what really happened:

The male winner improved his overall body composition dramatically – based on body composition testing with a Bodivis state of the art medical quality bioelectrical impedance device, the male winner lost a total of 25.2 pounds of excess fat and gained an impressive 17.7 pounds of lean muscle mass – dramatically improving his body composition and metabolism yet if the scale was the judge he lost only 8.1 pounds?

The female winner had equally impressive results losing precisely 7.3 pounds of excess fat while gaining 6.2 pounds of metabolically enhancing lean muscle tissue and increased bone mass – yet on a scale would measure only 1.1 pounds of “weight” lost.

Obviously scale weight tells us very little about dramatic change and the New U Revolution body composition challenge is a game changer. If you would like learn more or encourage your gym to adopt the challenge – please request an information package or join the Abolish BMI mission at:


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