Obese Mothers May Explain The Unprecedented Rise in Autism

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We all know the highly publicized risks of obesity such as diabetes and heart disease, yet fewer are aware of the direct correlation between obesity young developing children and low IQ, and now with an unprecedented rise in the number of children diagnosed with autism, obese pregnant mothers according to a new study increase the risk of autism by 67%.

Autism is a disorder characterized by repetitive behavior and social challenges now is estimated to affect one in 88 children in the US.

Researchers considered potential risk factors such as the increased age of mothers, premature births and nutritional deficiencies however the most prevalent likely cause appears consistent with obese mothers. Pregnant Mothers with diabetes were twice as likely to contribute to autism and or developmental delays in children.

I concur that the most likely rise in the incidence of autism in children is due to insulin resistance and normal brain development.

Mothers who are obese, diabetic or pre diabetic have a compromised metabolism are likely insulin resistant. Insulin is a powerful hormone that among other things regulates blood sugar.

A healthy human brain is 60%fat, 40% protein and runs on glucose (sugar). Unlike our muscles, the brain has no storage capacity for glucose so it requires a continuous supply. Even though our muscles can store glucose the capacity is very limited to on average only 2% of our entire mass. An obvious problem with this limited capacity is the over consumption of carbohydrates that over time can and will result in conversion of excess blood glucose from carbohydrates being converted to and stored as fat. This increase in insulin to deal with high blood glucose levels eventually leads to insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance results in dangerously high levels of glucose in the bloodstream and lack of delivery of glucose to the brain. In adults high blood glucose levels contribute to physical and neurological problems such as passing out, memory loss and stroke.  It is only logical that this condition of high blood glucose levels will interfere with normal fetus brain development.

A study from McMaster University, Ontario Canada showed that autism aside, the average IQ of children of obese mothers was five points lower than those born to mothers with a healthy body fat percentage.

Contrary to the USDA’s (in my opinion) ridiculous recommendation that 65% of our diet be provided in the form of carbohydrates (carbohydrates are categorized as sugar), I believe is the blatantly obvious cause of insulin resistance.

The human demand for glucose is not significant, the adult brain requires somewhere around 100 grams or the equivalent of 400 calories worth. Of course the more you challenge your brain (think / problem solve) and body (activity) the more glucose you spend.

The Takeaway is Avoid Take-out … and chose quality foods loaded with essential nutrients and less processed carbohydrates. Expectant mothers or planned pregnancies should consider shaping up before and during pregnancy. Eating for two doesn’t mean eating anything and everything. What is and always will be of paramount importance whether an individual is pregnant or not is delivering all of the essential nutrients we need to live thrive and survive in optimum amounts.

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